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Eco-boxes installer in the Acsour office
News \ 16.04.2018

One of the main Acsour’s priorities is to increase the level of social responsibility. Employees of our company aspire to make the world around them better and more environmentally friendly through their professional activities.

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Outsourcing: bookkeeping by an outsourced firm. How to choose your service provider?
News \ 11.04.2018

The outsourcing of bookkeeping services is growing rapidly in Russia. If you are thinking about outsourcing this function, you should bear in mind that you will have to hand over to the service provider confidential information and processes on which the success of your business hinges.
What needs to be done so that outsourcing works to the benefit of your company and not against your business? How do you choose a reliable service provider out of the many?

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Acsour took part at HRM Expo 2018
Acsour took part at HRM Expo 2018
News \ 02.04.2018

On March, 22 – 23 annual Expo & Forum for Human Resources Management took place in Saint-Petersburg.

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