No matter what the size of a business is or in which area it operates, procurement is the driving force on which the effective operation of the entire structure depends.

Stock availability in the warehouse, wide assortment, effective work of the internal supply chain have a direct impact on sales, customer satisfaction and the company's development opportunities.

Selecting a supplier is a complicated process that requires a great deal of time and energy.

The strategic choice of supplier not only helps to streamline the procurement process, but also to avoid unpleasant surprises from a failure to verify the good faith of a business partner.

Acsour offers you its services of procurement outsourcing and dealing with suppliers which help Client
remotely implement the functions of the Procurement department:

  • it obtains goods and services of highest quality;
  • the company reduces costs and, hence, increases its profits from business;
  • ensure a high inventory turnover.

Acsour has considerable experience in the implementation of such projects and has wide opportunities for building effective processes and assumes full responsibility for the results.

What do you get from cooperation with Acsour

Increase in profit

Acsour offers the best solutions, based on accurate economic calculations:

  • the development of procurement policies and their implementation;
  • control of purchase requests;
  • approving and changing the terms of contracts to your advantage;
  • cost optimization.
Minimizing the risks

Acsour provides thorough monitoring at all stages of the transaction to minimize the possible risks:

  • selection of supplier with regard to the specifics of the business;
  • verification of the reliability of suppliers;
  • monitoring the process Contract management.
Reducing labour intensity

Acsour takes on the routine tasks:

  • preparation and holding of tenders;
  • maintaining an archive, workflow and maintenance of regular contracts;
  • formation of purchasing reports activities.

The full range of the procurement services is agreed before the start of cooperation at the stage of setting up the maintenance.

Please, send us a request to clarify the cost of the Procurement service for your company.

Our clients’ success stories

Azul Systems LLC

Core business:

Development of Java-based applications, R&D.

Azul Systems LLC Core business: development of Java-based applications, R&D. The company has been Acsour’s client since 2016.

Services we provide
  • Bookeeping services
  • HR record management
  • Payroll accounting
  • Legal services
Tasks accomplished
  • Tax optimization: 
Our Client saved 15% in taxes as compared with the previous tax period as a result of a review of the contractual terms with its principal customer, that is, its parent company Azul Systems (USA). The contractual terms dealt with pricing and the application of the cost plus fee calculation method.
  • Risks for profit tax decreased by RUB 300,000: 
Acsour’s experts audited the expenses of the previous period and corrected errors in bookkeeping. Moreover, we developed a secondment policy which helped to sgnificantly reduce the profit tax risks and save the client’s money.
  • Development of rules for drawing up accounts and reporting to the Client’s headquarters in the USA: 
We have brought the data from the management accounts into line with the bookkeeping records of the Company. The document has been made consistent with Russian and foreign standards.
Customer feedback
“The result of Acsour’s work is a 15% saving as compared with the previous tax period, and no fines after tax audits. I would like to express my gratitude to Acsour’s employees for demostrating their high professional standards and client oriented approach.” - Mikhail Davydiv, CEO of Azul Systems LLC